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    Responsive Turnaround

    Compression Dynamics will help you meet your demanding schedule.
    Whether you need scheduled analysis or downtime vibration diagnostics, we're here to help.
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    Custom Vibration

    Compression Dynamics can perform Finite Element Analysis, Forced Response, Pulsation,
    Natural Frequency Harmonics, and we have the field experience to guarantee results.
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    Powerful Analysis

    Compression Dynamics is equipped with the industry's leading analytic software providing
    field tested and proven results. Autodesk MultiPhysics, Plant 3D, Caesar II, and PulsimSuite are
    just a few examples of the advanced software Compression Dynamics uses to analyze systems.

API 618 Pulsation

Compression Dynamics can bring your system in compliance with API 618 5th Ed. or GMRC specifications. Acoustical and mechanical analysis is essential to achieve safe and reliable piping systems of reciprocating compressors.

Engineering Vibration

Pulsation, harmonic, and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), are just a few of our engineering capabilities. Contact us today to see how Compression Dynamics can meet your engineering demands.

Rotor Dynamics

Let our experience recommend torsional components that are suited for your application. Compression Dynamics can perform torsional, natural frequency harmonic, and forced response analysis on all types of rotating or reciprocating compressors.

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